Funzalo Toys was founded in 2016 in Secaucus, New Jersey. We believe that having a great time with friends and family should be affordable for everyone. Our mission is to offer high-quality toys at competitive prices, and to give our customers the highest standard of service.

So what makes Funzalo Toys different?

The difference is our huge, vast, immense, gigantic, massive, colossal, enormous selection of toys to choose from! We carry over 7,500 unique items and 400 different brands, and you can bet we have what you’re looking for. Our greatest passion is helping lesser-known toy makers create awareness for their brand and help them grow, so take a look around – you might find something new and really cool!

Thank you for visiting our store! Feel free to reach out if you are a toy maker looking to get their brand out to market…or if you just want to say hi!